Independent Study Law (INGL)

INGL 0001. IDEAL Placement Seminar. (0 Credits)

INGL 00S1. Pathway 2: 1st Semester. (0 Credits)

INGL 00S2. Pathway 2: 2nd Semester. (0 Credits)

INGL 00S6. Pathway 2 (6). (0 Credits)

INGL 0101. Independent Study. (1 Credit)

INGL 0102. Independent Study - 2 Cr.. (2 Credits)

INGL 0103. Independent Study - 3 Cr.. (3 Credits)

INGL 0199. Semester Abroad: SKKU Korea. (12 Credits)

INGL 0202. Perspectives on Doctrinal Analysis. (2 Credits)

This course surveys core U.S. legal doctrine in key areas tested on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) which will be administered in New York starting in July of 2016. Core subjects will be reviewed and analyzed and then serve as the foundation for practical application on all components (MBE, MEE, and MPT) of the UBE. Periodic exams throughout the semester and a final exam test students’ knowledge and skills toward success on the UBE. This is a graded, two credit course intended for graduating students who wish to jump start their bar exam preparation. It is not a substitute for a full bar review course. If you have additional questions, please contact Cynthia Juco in the Office of Student Affairs:

Attribute: JD.

INGL 0206. Semester Abroad - Comillas. (12 Credits)

INGL 0260. SJD Dissertation Development I. (9 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0262. SJD Dissertation Development II. (8 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0263. SJD Dissertation Development III. (9 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0264. SJD Dissertation Development IV. (8 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0300. Graduate Thesis. (3 Credits)

INGL 0302. SJD Colloquium. (1 to 2 Credits)

The S.J.D. Colloquium, required for all doctoral candidates in residence, will consist of a series of in-person workshops. During each class, upper-level candidate will lead a class on a topic related to his or her dissertation. Each candidate will select, assign, and present readings, leading a discussion about the topic that will include all students in the class.

Attribute: LLM.

INGL 0311. Fashion Law Capstone/Thesis. (3 Credits)

Students must seek approval from Anthony Agolia or Ariele Elia in order to register for this course.

Attributes: FASL, LAWF.

INGL 0312. Compliance Capstone: Building Effective Ethics &Compliance Programs. (1 or 3 Credits)

In this course, students will complete a substantial paper or project, under the close supervision of the course instructor, on the design and implementation of effective ethics and compliance programs. The paper/project is an opportunity to synthesize and apply the learnings from companion course [CRN 42615] and prior compliance courses, and strengthen the analytical, organizational and leadership skills that are needed to be a successful compliance officer.

Attributes: CORC, LLM.

INGL 0601. SJD Dissertation Research I. (8 to 9 Credits)

INGL 0615. Quantitative Methods for Graduate Students. (1 Credit)

Quantitative Methods for Graduate Students introduces basic financial concepts and general quantitative reasoning skills that lawyers and compliance officers and other professionals should possess.<p> Quantitative Methods for Graduate Students will expose students to the following law-related finance concepts:<br> Supply and demand, markets, and externalities<br> Cost-benefit analysis<br> Probability and causation<br>Expected value and the time value of money<br> Financial statements<p> The instructors, a litigator and a forensic accountant, will use role plays and demonstrations to illustrate these concepts.<p> Students will be evaluated on the basis of a proctored examination. The course will be graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.<p> This course is required for all LLM students in their first semester of enrollment.<br><i> Please email Professor Dowd and Gottlieb your resumes and cover letters explaining your post graduation employment plans and if you plan to search for employment, what kind of job you intend to look for? .

Attribute: LLM.

INGL 0702. SJD Dissertation Research II. (8 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0703. SJD Dissertation Research II. (8 Credits)

INGL 0708. Independent Study: Fashion Law Research. (2 Credits)

INGL 0780. Law Study. (0 Credits)

INGL 0781. SJD Dissertation Extension I. (9 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0782. SJD Dissertation Extension II. (8 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0783. SJD Dissertation Extension III. (9 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0784. SJD Dissertation Extension IV. (8 to 10 Credits)

INGL 0785. SJD Dissertation Extension V. (10 Credits)

INGL 0786. SJD Dissertation Extension VI. (10 Credits)

INGL 0900. Semester Abroad - Amsterdam. (12 to 14 Credits)

INGL 0904. Semester Abroad - Madrid. (12 Credits)

INGL 0905. Consortium Agreement. (0 to 12 Credits)

INGL 0908. Semester Abroad: Bucerius. (12 Credits)

INGL 0914. Semester Abroad - Icade Mexico. (10 to 12 Credits)

INGL 0915. Semester Abroad - Icade Spain. (12 Credits)

INGL 0920. Semester Abroad - Italy (Luis). (0 to 12 Credits)

INGL 0921. Semester Abroad - Paris. (6 to 14 Credits)

INGL 0925. Semester Abroad Waseda Law Sch. (12 to 14 Credits)

INGL 0929. Bocconi Law School. (12 Credits)

INGL 0930. Study Abroad - Esade Spain. (12 to 14 Credits)

INGL 0962. Semester Abroad: FGV. (12 Credits)

INGL 0971. China U. of Politics and Law. (12 to 14 Credits)

INGL 0972. Study Abroad - Germany. (12 Credits)

INGL 0990. SEmester Abroad: Tel Aviv. (12 Credits)

INGL 0992. East China University of Politics and Law. (10 to 12 Credits)

INGL 0996. Semester Abroad - Italy (Luis). (12 Credits)

INGL 0997. Law School-Summer Institute. (0 Credits)

INGL 0998. Visiting Scholars Program. (0 Credits)

INGL 1998. Pre-Law Institute. (0 Credits)

INGL 1999. Winter Institute. (0 Credits)

INGL 4000. Student Affairs Holder. (0 Credits)

INGL 9999. International Legal Practice. (0 Credits)