Evidence (EDGL)

EDGL 0202. EVIDENCE. (0 to 4 Credits)

A study of the rules governing the admissibility of evidence including problems of relevancy, remoteness, and undue prejudice; the hearsay rule and its exceptions; the offer of evidence and objection; examination of witnesses; competency and privilege of witnesses; expert opinion evidence; judicial notice; burden of proof; and presumptions.

Attributes: LDF, LIDR, LMCO.


Using discussion, lecture, and simulation, students will learn how, when, and why to conduct depositions in contrast to other discovery tools. The different types of questions will be discussed including question asking when seeking information, when seeking admissions, and when seeking to preserve testimony. <br> Preparing client and nonclient to testify.<br> Ethics: Witness Perjury, Harassment of witness, Harassment of attorney, Inappropriate subjects, Conferring with the witness.<br> Dealing with the Adversary<br> Role of objections, Instruction not to answer.

Attribute: LLM.