Consulting Project GBA (CPGB)

CPGB 7000. MBA Capstone Consulting Project. (3 Credits)

FT MBA CORE COURSE The Business Consulting Project is an experiential course whereby students apply the functional knowledge and skills learned throughout the MBA program to real business issues faced by client firms. Working in teams and under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students develop business solutions rooted in rigorous analysis to client problems. Throughout the course, students develop consulting and project management skills, deepen their understanding of a specific industry, and network with industry professionals in their field of interest. At the end of the term, students present their findings to the client and receive client feedback on their deliverables.

CPGB 7100. Gabelli Capstone Experience. (1 Credit)

PMBA CORE COURSE The Gabelli Capstone Experience is a two-session, all-day, immersive experience that allows students to use cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills in a way that `ties' the Professional MBA (PMBA) Program together in a meaningful way and tackle a business dilemma. Only those PMBA students who have completed at least 39 credits can enroll in this class.

Prerequisites: (BEGB 6220 or GBA Waiver Managerial Eco with a score of 070) and (DGGB 6820 or GBA Waiver Statistics with a score of 070) and (ACGB 6111 or GBA Waiver Fundamentals Acct with a score of 070) and BLGB 6321 (may be taken concurrently) and (ISGB 6910 or MKGB 6710 or LPGB 6613 or FNGB 6411 or OPGB 6627 or SAGB 7660 or CMGB 7550 or ACGB 7155 or BLGB 6310).

CPGB 7101. ST: Launch Your Startup. (3 Credits)

The Fordham Foundry provides students throughout the entire Fordham community opportunities for experiential learning around start up businesses, entrepreneurship and critical thinking. This 15 week course will put students through a rigorous curriculum which will allow students to create and grow their potential business ideas while collaborating with their peers. At the end of the semester, students will present their business to a panel of Fordham faculty and members of the New York startup and venture capital ecosystem. The course will consist of a weekly lecture, roundtable discussions and one on one mentorship sessions. At the conclusion of the course, students will have build their “StartUP Portfolio” which will enable them to continue to develop their business after the practicum.

CPGB 8999. ST: Consulting Project. (0 to 3 Credits)

The project is organized around a societal sustainability challenge represented by the needs of an outside partner, such as a corporate or non profit organization that serves as sponsor of the practicum. The students meet with organization executives, alumni mentors, Fordham faculty and staff who guide them through the process of designing innovative solutions that meet the needs of the challenge.