College at 60 (CASP)

CASP 1100. Religion and Culture. (0 Credits)

Looks at various topics in the intersection of religious beliefs and traditions and broader societal issues.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1110. Art of Film. (0 Credits)

Study of film genres, film periods and aesthetics of film making.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1111. Film Fridays. (0 Credits)

This course will include film presentations and a discussion/lecture about films and how they illuminate the course themes. Course themes will vary from term to term.

CASP 1120. Creative Writing. (0 Credits)

Workshop in various kinds of creative writing- memoir, drama, short prose and poetry.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1130. Studies in Philosophy. (0 Credits)

Examination of different theories and philosophers in various cultural and historical settings.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1140. Studies in American Literature. (0 Credits)

CASP 1160. Studies in English Literature. (0 Credits)

Analysis of texts by prominent British authors from various periods and genres.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1170. Studies in Irish Literature. (0 Credits)

CASP 1180. Studies in Comparative Literature. (0 Credits)

Analysis of texts by prominent authors from various cultural backgrounds and historical periods.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1190. Literary Studies. (0 Credits)

This course will focus on different topics, genres, and authors in English, European, and global literature. The topics will vary from semester to semester.

CASP 1200. Issues in Psychology. (0 Credits)

Topics and issues in psych theory and practice will be explored. Current research, film, and personal narrative will be used.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1210. Europe's Past. (0 Credits)

A look at European history by exploring various periods, events, movements, and figures.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1220. America's Past. (0 Credits)

A look at American history by analyzing important figures, movements, and issues.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1230. Issues in Mideast History. (0 Credits)

Each semester, a non-credit course in a new topic in Mideast History will be explored.

CASP 1234. test course - do not use. (3 Credits)

test course - do not use.

CASP 1240. Topics in Economics. (0 Credits)

An exploration of issues, problems, and analyses of important economic concepts, crises, and topics.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1250. Topics in History. (0 Credits)

Topics in History.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1260. Studies in Social Science. (0 Credits)

Studies in Social Science.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1270. Issues in Political Science. (0 Credits)

Students in this course will explore various contemporary issues in political science, law, and society. Topics will vary from semester to semester.

CASP 1300. Topics in Art/Architecture. (0 Credits)

Analysis of prominent artists and their works in architecture, painting, and sculpture.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1301. Studies in Art History. (0 Credits)

Studies in Art History.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1310. Studies in Music History. (0 Credits)

Examination of important works of classical music in various historical periods and cultures, the artists and their influences.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1320. Theatre History. (0 Credits)

CASP 1400. Topics in Science. (0 Credits)

An exploration of topics in current scientific inquiry in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Attribute: CL60.

CASP 1500. Cultural Studies. (0 Credits)

CASP 1510. Classical Studies. (0 Credits)

CASP 1520. Special Topics. (0 Credits)

The Special Topics courses will vary from semester to semester. Course content will be drawn from areas that reflect contemporary issues and which allow the faculty to creatively design course content based on feedback from our student community.

Attribute: CL60.