Bankruptcy (BRGL)

BRGL 0312. BANKRUPTCY. (3 Credits)

The course includes the study of the 1978 Bankruptcy Reform Act and subsequent amendments, the controlling Bankruptcy Rules and leading cases which have construed this statute as well as its predecessor. The course is dealt with from the standpoint of the mechanics of a bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 and a Chapter 13 case, the rights of debtors, the rights of creditors, the duties and the discharge of such duties by a Trustee, the rights and remedies of a Trustee, the procedural and substantive chronology of a Chapter 11 case, and the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court.

Attributes: BFE, LAWB, PIE.


This is a course about corporation reorganizations under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Unlike the typical Bankruptcy course, the emphasis will not be on mastering all of the intricacies of the Code, though to be sure students will be required to learn and understand key Code provisions and apply them to fact patterns. Rather, the course will approach corporate reorganization in a manner that considers not only legal rules, but also the important issues of financing that arise when a firm is in distress. In this way, the course should be useful to any student who intends to advise corporate clients on financial transactions and deal structuring, as well as to students who intend to work primarily as bankruptcy practitioners.<br>Prerequisites: Corporations. Previous studies in Bankruptcy are not required.

Attributes: BFE, LAWB, LAWI.

Prerequisite: BUGLĀ 0201.