Business Administration (BABU)

BABU 4461. Honors Seminar I. (1.5 or 3 Credits)

A survey of research techniques in business introducing students to methodologies of inquiry employed in the various business disciplines in presentation for Honors Seminar II. Students will choose a discipline of primary interest and write a paper reviewing the use of one or more research techniques as evidence by the recent professional literature of that dicipline Open only to students invited and accepted into the Honors Program.

BABU 4463. Honors Seminar III. (1.5 Credits)

Students work with a faculty advisor to develop an original paper that utilizes the analytical, business and problem solving skills students developed throughout the Gabelli curriculum.

BABU 4706. Honors Thesis II. (3 Credits)

Selection of honors thesis topic. Monitoring of progress on the thesis over the term. A module in advanced communication is included. Students will complete their thesis and present them to the seminar.