Administrative Law (ADGL)

ADGL 0206. lLAW & ADMINISTRATORS. (0 Credits)

ADGL 0302. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. (3 or 4 Credits)

Administrative Law builds on 1L Legislation and Regulation, digging deeper into the federal laws, rules, and norms governing administrative agencies, and examining the executive orders, federal statutes (especially the Administrative Procedure Act), federal court decisions, and rules promulgated by the agencies themselves. We will consider how agencies promulgate public law within the context of these authorities, as well as the legal mechanisms by which each of the three branches of government attempt to control the work that agencies do. The prerequisite is 1L Legislation and Regulation.

Attributes: INLJ, LMCO, LPI, PIF.

Prerequisite: FCGL 0129.


This is a skills-focused practicum combining an immigration field-placement with a weekly seminar in support of and to complement the field experience. The course is designed to prepare students to creatively approach problems and develop strategies in administrative/quasi-judicial proceedings. Through field placements, case studies and, simulations, students will encounter typical scenarios from all phases of this type of an administrative practice with an emphasis on methods of developing facts including interviewing, direct examination, case theory development and planning, witness preparation, document identification and, opening and closing statements. Each week students will have an opportunity to discuss the experiences gained through working for an immigration service provider. During the seminar portion of the practicum we will engage in discussions and simulation exercises designed to mirror real life situations faced by lawyers in these proceedings. Complementary topics will include the right to counsel, the charging process, discovery , prosecutorial discretion, the intersection between criminal law and immigration, and the application of the Exclusionary Rule in the context of immigration proceedings. Rules of conduct and legal ethics will also be covered. The semester will conclude with a mock hearing at the immigration court.

Attributes: INLJ, LAW.


Students will have the opportunity to will work at one of several immigration service providers. It is expected that a student will work a minimum of 5 hours a week for 13 weeks. Visits to the immigration court at 26 Federal Plaza, the detained court at Varick Street, and the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will be part of the practicum.

Attributes: INLJ, LAWJ.