Administrative Law (ADGL)

ADGL 0206. Law & Administrators. (0 Credits)

ADGL 0302. Administrative Law. (3 or 4 Credits)

Administrative Law builds on 1L Legislation and Regulation, digging deeper into the federal laws, rules, and norms governing administrative agencies, and examining the executive orders, federal statutes (especially the Administrative Procedure Act), federal court decisions, and rules promulgated by the agencies themselves. We will consider how agencies promulgate public law within the context of these authorities, as well as the legal mechanisms by which each of the three branches of government attempt to control the work that agencies do. The prerequisite is 1L Legislation and Regulation. <p> The course work will explore many applied and contemporary issues about the limits of the power of administrative agencies and the interaction with State governments as well who are frequently challenging federal administrative power. We will use a “problem method” text that allows us to evaluate legal and policy implications in a variety of real world contexts.<p> Take-home exam.

Attributes: INLJ, LMCO, LPI, PIF.

Prerequisite: FCGL 0129.

ADGL 9999. Student Affairs. (0 Credits)