Accounting Law (ACGL)

ACGL 0329. Accounting for Lawyers. (2 to 3 Credits)

Studies business accounting with particular emphasis on the preparation and analysis of financial statements and such problems as revenues and costs, tangible and intangible assets, depreciation and amortization, inventory valuation, and surplus and reserves. In addition, discussion is directed to various phases of legal problems and the legal and financial decisions with respect to them. The course is not open to students who have taken accounting in college.

Attributes: BFF, CORC, CRCP, LAWB.

ACGL 1329. Accounting Experiential Skills. (1 Credit)

Accounting Experiential Skills is a one-credit additional component to the Accounting for Lawyers class (CRN 30075). Students must register in both classes concurrently. In the experiential section, students will have the opportunity to draft and analyze financial statements, and other document relating to accounting and financial statement analysis. The goal of the class is to improve familiarity with accounting and financial concepts and attain a high level of financial literacy, which is an important skill in many areas of law practice.

Attributes: CORC, CRCP, LLM.

Prerequisite: (ACGL 0329 (may be taken concurrently)).