Attribute Code Index

This page is a list of all course attributes, listed by college, and their use. 

Undergraduate Colleges

Attribute code Description
AFAM African and African American Studies electives
AFST African Studies electives
AFAH AFST: Arts and Humanities requirement
AFSS AFST: Social Science requirement
AMCS American Catholic Studies electives
AMST American Studies electives
ASAM AMST: Art, Music, Theater, Media requirement
ASHS AMST: History/Social Science requirement
ASLT AMST: Literature requirement
ASRP AMST: Religion/Philosophy requirement
ACUP AMST: Cultural Products concentration
ADVD AMST: Diversity and Difference concentration
APPI AMST: Power, Politics, and Institutions concentration
ANTH Anthropology electives
ARHI Art History
AHAM ARHI: Ancient/Medieval requirement
AHGL ARHI: Global requirement
AHMO ARHI: Modern requirement
AHRB ARHI: Renaissance/Baroque requirement
BIOE BioEthics courses
BEHR BIOE: Humanities requirement
BESN BIOE: Social and Nat Sci requirement
BEVL BIOE: Values requirement
CLAS Classical Languages and Civilization electives
COMC Communication and Culture electives
CCMS COMC: Communication Studies concentration
CCUS COMC: Cultural Studies concentration
CMST COMC: Media Studies concentration
COMM Communication and Media Studies electives
CELP CMS majors Ethics, Law, and Policy requirement
COLI Comparative Literature electives
CYSC Cybersecurity electives
DTEM Digital Technology and Emerging Media electives
DTMM DTEM: Methods requirement
DISA Disability Studies electives
ENGL English electives
ENHD ENGL: Historical Distribution requirement
ENRJ ENGL: Race and Social Justice req
ENSM ENGL: English Seminar req
CVW ENGL: Creative Writing courses
CVWG ENGL: Graduate level Creative Writing courses for undergraduates
ENVS Environmental Science course
ENSE ENVS: Advanced Elective requirement
EPLE ENVS: Environmental Policy/Law/Economics requirement
ENST Environmental Studies courses
ESNS ENST: Natural Science requirement
ESHC ENST: Environmental History and Culture requirement
ESEC ENST: Environmental Economics requirement
ESPL ENST: Environmental Politics and Law requirement
ESEJ ENST: Environmental Ethics and Justice requirement
ESSD ENST: Sustainable Design requirement
ENMI ENST: Introductory courses for Minor
FASH Fashion Studies electives
FITV Film and Television electives
FIPR FITV: Production requirement
HIST History electives
HIMH HIST: Medieval History requirement
HIEH HIST: European History requirement
HIAH HIST: American History requirement
HIGH HIST: Global History requirement
HIUL HIST: Upper Level Elective requirement
HOFC Honors Program - FCRH
HUST Humanitarian Studies courses
HHPA HUST: History, Philosophy, and Anthropology requirement
HPSE HUST: Humanitarian Affairs, Political Science, Sociology, and Economics requirement
HCWL HUST: Communications, Women’s Studies and Literary Studies requirement
INSC Information Science courses
NEUR Integrative Neuroscience courses
NECG NEUR: Cognitive Neuroscience concentration
NECM NEUR: Cell and Molecular concentration
NESY NEUR: Systems concentration
IPE International Political Economy courses
INST International Studies courses
ISIN INST: International Global Affairs concentration
ISAF INST: Africa Regional concentration
ISAS INST: Asia Regional concentration
ISEU INST: Europe Regional concentration
ISME INST: Middle East/North Africa Regional concentration
ISLA INST: Latin America Regional concentration
ISIE INST: International Economics and Policy Economy requirement
ISIP INST: International Politics and Law requirement
ISWH INST: Contemporary World History and Culture requirement
IRST Irish Studies electives
ISHI IRST: Irish History requirement
ISLI IRST: Irish Literature requirement
JWST Jewish Studies courses
JSHI JWST: History requirement
JSPM JWST: Premodern requirement
JSTH JWST: Theology requirement
JOUR Journalism electives
JETH JOUR: Journalism Ethics requirement
JPLH JOUR: Journalism Law, Policy, or History requirement
JSME JOUR: Social Media requirement
JWRI JOUR: Journalism Writing/Reporting requirement
LALS Latin American and Latino Studies courses
LAIN LALS: Introductory requirement
LASS LALS: Social Science requirement
LAHA LALS: Humanities/Arts requirement
LAUH LALS: Upper Level History requirement
MVST Medieval Studies electives
MVLI MVST: Medieval Literature requirement
MVPH MVST: Medieval Philosophy requirement
MVTH MVST: Medieval Theology requirement
MVAM MVST: Medieval Art or Music requirement
MVLA MVST: Medieval Language requirement
MEST Middle East Studies electives
MLL Modern Languages and Literatures electives
ARAB Arabic electives
FREN French courses
FRME FRLA: Medieval and Renaissance Periods requirement
FRMI FRLA: 17th and 18th Centuries requirement
FRMO FRLA: 19th and 20th/21st Centuries requirement
FRAN FRLA: Francophonie requirement
GERM German electives
ITAL Italian electives
ITMA ITLA: Middle Ages requirement
ITRE ITLA: Renaissance and Baroque requirement
ITMO ITLA: Modern and/or Contemporary Literature and Culture requirement
MAND Mandarin courses
RUSS Russian electives
SPAN Spanish courses
MUSI Music courses
NSCI Natural Science courses
NMDD New Media and Digital Design electives
NMDE NMDD: Ethics requirement
NMAC NMDD: New Media and Commerce concentration
NMAT NMDD: Art, Text, and Design concentration
NMMI NMDD: New Media and Information concentration
OCST Orthodox Christian Studies courses
OCAH OCST: Art History requirement
OCHS OCST: History/Social Science requirement
PJST Peace and Justice Studies electives
PJIN PJST: Introductory courses (course only, not section)
PJCP PJST: Capstone courses
PJCR PJST: Conflict Resolution courses (course only, not section)
PJRJ PJST: Religion and Justice courses (course only, not section)
PJSJ PJST: Social Justice Movements courses (course only, not section)
PJMJ PJST: Media and Justice courses (course only, not section)
PJWT PJST: War, Terrorism, Violence courses (course only, not section)
PJRC PJST: Race and Culture courses (course only, not section)
PJGS PJST: Gender and Sexuality courses (course only, not section)
PJEC PJST: Economic Justice courses (course only, not section)
PJEN PJST: Environmental Justice courses (course only, not section)
PJCJ PJST: Criminal Justice Reform courses (course only, not section)
PHIL Philosophy
PHAN PHIL: Ancient period requirement
PHMD PHIL: Medieval period requirement
PHCM PHIL: Classical Modern period requirement
PHCO PHIL: Contemporary period requriement
PHME PHIL: Metaphysics area requirement
PHKM PHIL: Knowledge Method area requirement
PHHN PHIL: Human Nature area requirement
PHMP PHIL: Moral Political Social area requirement
POMI POSC: Methods requirement
POAP POSC: American Politics subfield requirement
POAP POSC: American Politics subfield requirement
POPT POSC: Political Theory subfield requirement
POIP POSC: International Politics subfield requirement
POCP POSC: Comparative Politics subfield requirement
POSC Political Science courses
PSDV PSYC: Diversity requirement
REST Religious Studies courses
SOCI Sociology electives
MANR Manresa courses
SJOR Sports Journalism electives
THEA Theatre electives
THPE THEA: Performance concentration
THDP THEA: Design and Production concentration
THPL THEA: Playwriting concentration
THEO Theology electives
STOT THRS: Old Testament requirement
STNT THRS: New Testament requirement
STSN THRS: Sacred Texts of Non-Christian Traditions requirement
THAC THRS: American Catholicism concentration
URST Urban Studies electives
VART Visual Arts electives
VAAR VART: Architecture concentration
VAFV VART: Film and Video concentration
VAGD VART: Graphic Design concentration
VAPD VART: Painting and Drawing concentration
VAPH VART: Photography concentration
WGSS Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies electives
ACIS Accounting Information Systems electives
ACMI Accounting Minor (FCRH) courses
AAAF Applied Accounting and Finance electives
BUMI Business Administration Minor (FCRH/LC) courses
ENT Entrepreneurship electives
FTIS FinTech Information Systems requirement
GLBB Global Studies core requirement (Gabelli)
PRQU Process and Quality Analytics electives
COMM Communication and Media Studies electives
LPST Legal and Policy Studies
LPBC LPST: Business and Corporate concentration
LPGP LPST: Goverment and Public Policy concentration
LPHP LPST: Healthcare Policy concentration
CL60 College at 60 courses
LCLA London Centre Liberal Arts
FCLC Fordham College/Lincoln Center (section only)
FCRH Fordham College/Rose Hill (section only)
AHC Advanced History
ALC Advanced Literature
ASSC Advanced Social Science
EP1 Eloquentia Perfecta 1 (section only)
EP2 Eloquentia Perfecta 2
EP3 Eloquentia Perfecta 3 (section only)
EP4 Eloquentia Perfecta 4
FACC Fine and Performing Arts
GLBL Global Studies
HC Understanding Historical Change
ICC Interdisciplinary Capstone
LSCI Life Science
MCR Math/Computational Reasoning
PETH Philosophical Ethics
PHFR Philosophy of Human Nature
PLUR Pluralism
PSCI Physical Science
SL Service Learning
SSCI Social Science
STXT Sacred Texts and Traditions
TC Texts and Contexts
THFR Faith and Critical Reason
VAL Values Seminar
FRFA Freshreg FC Fine Arts
FRHE Freshreg FC Honors Elective
FRHI Freshreg FC History Soph
FRPT Freshreg FC Phil/Theo
FRSS Freshreg FC Social Sciences
FRTE Freshreg FC PHIL/THEO-EP/core


Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Attribute code Description
CSSO Computer Science (M.S.) Software courses
CSAI Computer Science (M.S.) Artificial Intelligence courses
CSCY Computer Science (M.S.) Cybersecurity courses
CSDA Computer Science (M.S.) Data Analytics courses
CSNS Computer Science (M.S.) Networks & Systems courses
CYSM Cybersecurity M.S. electives
DATI Data Analytics (M.S.) Introductory requirements
DATA Data Analytics (M.S.) Elective courses
ENME ENGL-GA: Literature before 1485 requirement
ENBE ENGL-GA: British Literature 1485-1800 requirement
ENBL ENGL-GA: British Literature after 1800 requirement
ENAE ENGL-GA: American Literature before 1910 requirement
ENAL ENGL-GA: American Literature since 1910 requirement
ENGT ENGL-GA: Graduate Theory requirement
ENGD ENGL-GA: Difference and Intersectionality requirement
CEED Center for Ethics Education courses
CEMP CEED: Moral Philosophy requirement
CEMT CEED: Moral Theology requirement
CENS CEED: Social and Natural Science requirement
CETH CEED: Ethics and Society electives
HECH Health Care Ethics (Adv Cert.) Humanities courses
HECS Health Care Ethics (Adv. Cert.) Social Science courses
IHUA International Humanitarian Action electives
HUCB HUST-GA: Communities and Capacity Building concentration
HUHR HUST-GA: Human Rights concentration
HULI HUST-GA: Livelihoods and Institutions concentration
IPED International Political Economy and Development electives
MVSG Medieval Studies M.A. electives
PGAN PHIL-GA: Ancient Philosophy requirement
PGMD PHIL-GA: Medieval Philosophy requirement
PGCM PHIL-GA: Modern Philosophy requirement
PGCA PHIL-GA: Contemporary Analytical Philosophy requirement
PGCC PHIL-GA: Contemporary Continental Philosophy requirement
PGOC PHIL-GA: Contemporary Philosophy (Other) requirement
APSM Applied Psychological Methods M.S.
PMPE APSM: Program Evaluation concentration
PMTM APSM: Tests and Measurement concentration
CLPS Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
CPAE CLPS: Assessment requirement
CPCE CLPS: Clinical requirement
CPIE CLPS: Intervention requirement
CLRM Clinical Research Methodology electives
CLMB CLRM: Breadth requirement
PSYM Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology electives
PMMA Public Media electives
PMTC PMMA: Fundamentals requirement
PMMJ PMMA: Multiplatform Journalism concentration
PMSC PMMA: Strategic Communication concentration
URSG Urban Studies M.A. electives

Gabelli Graduate School of Business

Attribute code Description
ABBC Blockchain M.B.A. concentration
ABEB Electronic Business M.B.A. concentration
ABEP Entrepreneurship M.B.A. concentration
ABFF Fintech M.B.A. concentration Finance requirement
ABFI Fintech M.B.A. concentration Information Systems requirement
ABFO Fintech M.B.A. concentration additional requirement
ABGS Global Sustainability M.B.A. concentration
ABHM Healthcare Management M.B.A. concentration
ISEA INSY-GB: Enterprise Architecture track
ABIB International Business M.B.A. concentration
ASDM Applied Statistics and Decision Making M.S. electives
BUAN Business Analytics M.S. electives
GLFI Global Finance
GFCF GLFI: Coporate Finance track
GFIM GLFI: Investment Management track
GFCR GLFI: Compliance and Risk Management track
ISEL Information Systems M.S. Electives
ISBA INSY-GB: Business Analytics track
ISDB INSY-GB: Digital Business Innovation track
ISER INSY-GB: Enterprise Risk Management track
ISET INSY-GB: Enterprise IT Management track
MEMG Media Management M.S. electives

Graduate School of Social Service

Attribute code Description
SWIF SW: Individual and Families electives
SWOC SW: Organizations and Communities electives
SWPP SW: Policy and Practice electives
SWRE SW: Research and Evaluation electives
LCSW SW: Clinical Coursework requirement