Concentration in Sports Business

The range of employers and careers in the sports world is extraordinarily broad. To prepare students for jobs across this field, the Gabelli School offers a secondary concentration in sports business. It combines three courses with an experience-based capstone component.

The Sports Business concentration can be pursued by Gabelli students as a secondary concentration only.

Course Title Credits
Two of the following three courses:6
ST: Sports Marketing
ST: Business of Sports Media
ST: Sports and the Law
Take EITHER the third course from the above group OR one of the following courses:3
ST:Business & Ethics of Sports
ST: Sports Analytics
Capstone requirement

Capstone Requirement

The students may complete the capstone requirement in any of three ways:

  • Presenting scholarly research at the conference of an organization such as the Sports and Recreation Law Association, the Collegiate Sports Research Institute, or the North American Society for Sports Management.
  • Holding an approved one-semester internship in a sports field and writing a paper about the experience.
  • Traveling during summer or winter break to get an international perspective on the business of sports and writing a paper about the experience.

For more information, please visit the Sports Business program website.