Program Handbook

This handbook has been designed to serve students admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Program. This handbook provides centralized information about the program. Within this document, students will find an overview of the program’s operating framework, including goals and curriculum design. The handbook contains the policies and procedures that govern students’ participation in the program. The handbook is also provided to field instructors who work with our students in their field education year.

Dr. Gregory Acevedo, BASW Program Director
Associate Professor
Lowenstein Building, Room 503-D
(212) 636-6644

Dr. Rachelle E. Kammer, BASW Field Coordinator
Clinical Professor
Lowenstein Building, Room 725-D
(212) 636-6660

Maggie DiPasquale, BASW Executive Secretary
Lowenstein Building, Room 503-A
(212) 636-7166