Orthodox Christian Studies

As an interdisciplinary program, the minor in Orthodox Christian studies explores the artistic, historical, literary, and philosophical and theological aspects of the 2000-year history of Orthodox Christianity.

Program Activities

The minor in Orthodox Christian studies is part of the Orthodox Christian studies program, which also includes the annual Orthodoxy in America Lecture and the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) student club.

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Visit the Orthodox Christian Studies Center web page.

Courses in Other Areas

The following courses offered outside the department have the OCST attribute and count toward the Orthodox Christian studies minor:

Course Title Credits
ARHI 2305Gods, Monsters, Heroes, and Mortals: Narrative in Greek Art4
ARHI 2315Roman Art4
ARHI 2341Medieval Desire and Devotion4
ARHI 2360Illuminated Manuscripts4
ARHI 3316Art and Architecture of Rome4
CLAS 4045Sex and Gender in the Ancient World4
CLAS 4055Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity and Today4
CLAS 4545Bath Cultures and Bathing Rituals From Antiquity to Brooklyn4
COLI 3364Novels of Ideas: 19th Century4
COLI 4016Rewriting the Mediterranean (20th and 21st Centuries)4
COLI 4055Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity and Today4
ENGL 4005The Medieval Traveler4
GREK 3211Greek Prose Composition4
HIST 1300Understanding Historical Change: Medieval3
HIST 1700Understanding Historical Change: Mideast3
HIST 1750Understanding Historical Change: Islamic History and Culture3
HIST 3208The Medieval Other4
HIST 3270The Crusades4
HIST 3614Revolutionary and Soviet Russia4
HIST 3637Stalinism: Making the Soviet State4
HIST 3982The Islamic World and the Crusades, 1099-Ca.17004
HIST 3985Ottoman Empire/ 1300-18004
HIST 3986Religion and Politics in Islamic History4
LATN 3045Livy4
MLAL 3060Magic and Reality in Russian Literature4
MLAL 3065Dostoevsky4
MLAL 3070Russian Visions: The Interplay Between Russian Literature and Art in Mid-19th/Early 20th Century4
MLAL 3077The Great Russian Minds: Russian Personalism4
MLAL 3078The Great Russian Minds: Late Soviet Personalism (1953-1991)3
MLAL 3080Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and the Meaning of Life and Death4
MLAL 3085The Russian Icon in Literature, Theology, Avant Garde Art, Film, Music, Museums and Politics4
MLAL 3095The Apocalypse Course: Russian and American Revelations4
MLAL 3096Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov4
MLAL 3402Introduction to Russian Drama4
MLAL 3405Masterpieces of Russian Film4
MLAL 4016Rewriting the Mediterranean (20th and 21st Centuries)4
MVST 4005The Medieval Traveler4
MVST 4009Medieval Jerusalem4
PHIL 3501Ancient Philosophy4
PHIL 3552Medieval Philosophy4
PHIL 3557Confessions of Augustine4
PHIL 3591Medieval Political Philosophy4
PHIL 3930Philosophy and Literature4
PHIL 4408Hospitality and Cosmopolitanism4
POSC 3651Comparative Politics of the Middle East4
RUSS 2500Approaches to Literature4
RUSS 2650Media and the Russian State: News Outlets From 19th Century to Present Day Russia4
THEO 1050Syriac Language and Literature I3
THEO 3310Early Christian Writings3
THEO 3314St. Augustine of Hippo3
THEO 3316Byzantine Christianity3
THEO 3317Women of the Christian East3
THEO 3330Medieval Theology Texts3
THEO 3332Christians, Muslims, Jews in the Medieval Period3
THEO 3340Christian Mystical Texts3
THEO 3711Sacred Texts of the Middle East3
THEO 3832Christian Thought and Practice I4
THEO 3833Christian Thought and Practice II4
THEO 3882Comparative Mysticism3
THEO 4009Medieval Jerusalem4
THEO 4420Early Christian Art in Context4
THEO 4430Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Early Christianity4
THEO 4545Bath Cultures and Bathing Rituals From Antiquity to Brooklyn4
THEO 4570Orthodox Christian Ethics4
THEO 5075Syriac Language and Literature I3