Concentration in Personal Development and Leadership

Research shows that those who are able to be effective change makers, are the happiest and most successful.

Are you inspired to become a compassionate leader for change, who wants to revolutionize the world for the better? Then this secondary concentration may be for you!

Personal Development and Leadership will allow you to explore with more intention and guidance what your gifts are and how you can develop and deploy them, no matter the industry you desire to work in some day, or what you wish to achieve in life.

Available at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, this secondary concentration will teach you to:

  • Understand your strengths and gifts
  • Help you develop these gifts into skills
  • Support you in applying these skills to effectuate change
  • Develop and support you in your leadership role after college

Secondary Concentration in Personal Development and Leadership

The Secondary Concentration in Personal Development and Leadership requires completion of three courses (nine credits).

Course Title Credits
Required Course
LPBU 4440ST: Advanced Management3
Electives: one course from each category6
Micro-Level Leadership: Self-Awareness & Personal Development
Meso/Macro-Level Leadership: Skills, Mindset, and Impact
Total Credits9

Micro-Level Leadership Electives

Courses in this group have the 0PMI attribute.

Course Title Credits
LPBU 3236Personal Development: The Start–Up Called You3
LPBU 3452ST: Mindful Leadership3
LPBU 3458ST:Awareness & Self Leaders3
LPBU 4443ST: Personal Leadership3

Meso/Macro-Level Leadership Electives

Courses in this group have the 0PMA attribute.

Course Title Credits
LPBU 3227Innovation and Resilience3
LPBU 3234ST: Leading for Impact3
LPBU 3430ST: Sustainable Business3
LPBU 3446ST:Social Entrepreneurship3
LPBU 3450Research in Management: Managing Professional Relationships3
LPBU 3457ST: Applied Innovation Consulting3
LPBU 4476ST: Cross Cultural Negotiation3
OPBU 3451ST: Team Dynamics3