Concentration in Global Business

The Global Business concentration can be pursued by Gabelli students as a secondary concentration for Rose Hill students only.

Students who want to pursue this secondary concentration must complete four requirements1:

1. Learn a foreign language

Complete language courses at least through the Intermediate II level. 

2. Take three globally focused courses

Two global business courses, plus one cultural studies course. 

3. Experience the world beyond the United States

Spend some time abroad: a full semester; two summer session programs; or two global immersion courses.

4. Join the International Business Association

Demonstrate three years of participation and devotion to increasing knowledge and awareness of global commerce on the Fordham campus and beyond. 

For information about the secondary concentration in global business, contact the Gabelli School Dean of International Programs. 


This concentration uses some existing coursework. For instance, students complete the language requirement as part of their liberal arts electives. Also, one course from a primary area of business study (major or concentration) and one course from the liberal arts core or a liberal arts minor may also count toward the global business secondary concentration. All double-counting courses must be approved in advance by the Dean of International Programs at the Gabelli School of Business.