General Science

The general science major provides a broad scientific background for students who wish to pursue a career in science-related fields, including health professions, education, law, science technology, scientific writing and editing, sales, and marketing. The major is designed to provide a basic knowledge of the contributing disciplines while allowing students to gain more in-depth knowledge in chemistry, biology, or physics through upper-level elective courses. All courses in the major are selected from existing courses in the contributing departments (biological sciences, chemistry, computer and information sciences, mathematics, and physics). These courses are taught by faculty members from the contributing departments and conform to the rigorous standards of those disciplines. Upon successful completion of all major and core requirements students graduate with a B.S. in general science.

Each semester, students enrolled in this major must have their choice of courses approved by the program director or assigned adviser. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the required courses for this major. Students may register for a double major in general science and all other majors except biological sciences, chemistry, environmental science, integrative neuroscience (cell and molecular neuroscience track), and physics; however, any minors in these disciplines are allowed and encouraged. There is no minor in general science.

Note: The general science major is not intended for students planning to attend graduate school in a specific science discipline since they would need to complete the undergraduate major in that particular discipline in order to meet the prerequisites for graduate studies. If there is a real chance that you might wish to pursue a graduate degree in a specific science discipline, or that you might wish to pursue a career for which a degree in a specific science discipline is either required or strongly recommended, then you should choose a discipline-based undergraduate science major (either biological sciences, chemistry, or physics).

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