One of the hallmarks of the Gabelli School is learning by doing. Another is business conducted with the goal of helping others and advancing society. These two principles come together in service-learning.

Service-learning at the Gabelli School is available both internationally and in New York. To learn more about international service-learning, see the part of this section that deals with Fair Trade. To learn more about service-learning in New York City, see below.

In one recent year alone, Gabelli School students volunteered more than 1,300 total hours at nine Bronx nonprofits as part of the service-learning program—and gained hands-on experience in the process, along with one additional academic credit. Some of them volunteered at the Concourse Fund, a local nonprofit microfinance organization. Others worked on behalf of the Fordham Road Business Improvement District. Still others acted as pro bono accountants for low-income residents through the city’s VITA income-tax assistance program.

The greatest part about the Gabelli School’s service-learning program is that students get to choose the organization they help, by proposing a project that interests them to the service-learning adviser. Students build their résumés and enhance their experience while advancing the cause of a nonprofit, program, or part of the community that matters most to them.

For more information

Visit the Gabelli School web pages to learn more about New York City-based service learning at the Gabelli School, or to propose a one-credit service-learning experience paired with an academic course.