Disability Studies

Students in the Disability Studies minor will develop or enhance their understanding of the meanings and effects of disability in a range of historical, cultural, and geographic contexts by exploring the experiences and expertise of disabled people across a range of disciplines. Coursework will focus on both conceptual and concrete skills that will enable students to work toward producing more accessible built and social environments. Additionally, disability studies minors will have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to Fordham's Research Consortium on Disability and its associated events, engage in research projects with faculty, and participate in the broader community of Disability Studies scholarship in New York City.

This minor may be of particular interest to those with professional goals in human rights, medicine, and allied health, psychology, public policy, education, social work, law, design, and the humanities.

Our Courses

DISA 2500. Introduction to Disabilities Studies. (4 Credits)

This course will introduce students to the multidisciplinary field of disability studies through an exploration of the diverse ways that disability signifies across the social sciences and humanities. It will interrogate the meanings of disability in a variety of contexts within the U.S. and beyond with a particular focus on the ways that disability intersects with other categories of lived experience (race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic class). Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.

Attributes: ADVD, AMST, ASHS, PLUR.

DISA 3999. Independent Study. (3 Credits)

Independent study in disabilities studies.

DISA 4999. Independent Study. (4 Credits)

Independent study in disabilities studies.

Courses in Other Areas

The following courses offered outside the department have the DISA attribute and count toward the Disability Studies minor:

Course Title Credits
COMC 1101Communications and Culture: History, Theory, and Methods4
COMC 3247Race and Gender in Media4
COMC 4146Health Communication and Social Justice4
COMC 4246Media, Disability, Futurity4
ECON 3570Labor Market and Diversity4
ECON 4020Disability: Economic and Other Approaches4
ENGL 3001Queer Theories4
ENGL 3106After the Apocalypse4
ENGL 3609Feminism and American Poetry4
ENGL 3619Crip, Queer and Critical Race Studies4
ENGL 3646Black Disability Studies4
ENGL 3901Autism and Literature4
ENGL 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
ENGL 4246Media, Disability, Futurity4
ENGL 4403Extraordinary Bodies4
ENGL 4421Disability, Literature, Culture: Neurological, Mental & Cognitive Difference in Culture & Context4
ENGL 5134Queer Theory3
FREN 3080Critical Disability Studies: Perspectives in French and Francophone Literature and Film4
MUSC 2037Disability and Music4
NSCI 2018Biology of Aging3
NSCI 4172Diverse Biologies/Shared Humanity4
PHIL 3905Philosophy of Disability4
POSC 3322Disability Law, Policy, and Advocacy4
PSYC 3610Global Health and Psychology4
PSYC 4310Aging and Society4
SOCI 3114Sociology of Health and Illness4
SOCI 4421Disability, Literature, Culture: Neurological, Mental, & Cognitive Difference In Culture & Context4
SOCI 4444Unstrange Minds: On the Ethical Dimensions of Neurological and Cognitive Difference4
THEO 3856Introduction to Bioethics4