Information Science Minor

Students wishing to minor in information science take the following:

Course Title Credits
CISC 1100Structures of Computer Science3
CISC 1600
CISC 1610
Computer Science I
and Computer Science I Lab 1
CISC 2350Information and Web Programming4
or CISC 2850 Computer and Data Analysis
CISC 2500Information and Data Management4
Select two electives in consultation with a department adviser 2

Students who take CISC 1600 during Fordham's Summer Session do not take CISC 1610, as the summer lecture and lab are offered in a combined format.


Courses with the CISC subject code fulfill this requirement.  One course may be numbered 2000 or above while the other elective must be numbered 3000 or above, excluding CISC 4001 Computers and Robots in Film, CISC 4650 Cyberspace: Issues and Ethics, and CISC 4660 Minds, Machines, and Society.


The minor in information science is available at Fordham College at Rose Hill and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Effective Spring 2020, the major in Information Science has been suspended, and is not accepting new minor declarations.