Concentration in Business Law and Ethics

Courses in business law and business ethics are key to success in the working world.

This is why every Gabelli School student takes a core-curriculum course in each: Legal Framework of Business and Business Ethics.

In the law class, students learn the fundamental rules that govern doing business in the United States—and find out how to apply them in a shifting business landscape. In the ethics course, students explore the issues that affect the stakeholders in a business relationship, debating what constitutes good or bad conduct.

They also consider a question that is central to business education at Fordham: Should a business exist purely for the purpose of profit, or should it contribute to society in a greater way?

The following three courses are required to complete this secondary concentration: 

Course Title Credits
Two courses with the BLEA attribute.
One additional course with the BLEA attribute OR one course with the BLEB attribute.

The following courses have the BLEA attribute:

Course Title Credits
BLBU 3436Commercial Transactions3
BLBU 3438ST: Survey of Law and the Legal System3
BLBU 4431ST: White-Collar Crime3
BLBU 4434ST: Business Organizations Law3
BLBU 4436ST:Business & Ethics of Sports3
BLBU 4437ST: International Bus Ethics3
BLBU 4438ST: Law, Business and the Arts3
BLBU 4449ST: Sports and the Law3
BLBU 4450ST: Employment Law3
BLBU 4452ST: Securities Law3

The following courses have the BLEB attribute:

Course Title Credits
ACBU 4646Ethics in Financial Reporting and Accounting3
CMGB 7525Cross Cultural Negotiation and Communication3
ECON 3453Law and Economics4
FNBU 3440Corporate Financial Policy3
FNBU 4464ST: Compliance and Risk Management3
LPBU 3226Exploring Entrepreneurship3
MKBU 3448ST: Social Marketing3