Business Economics

Understanding economics is essential for everyone in business. Whether your career is in finance, accounting, marketing, information technology, or another discipline, a comprehension of how the world economy works is key. The Gabelli School’s business economics program ensures that every student has a strong handle on the forces that push, pull, and shape the economies of the United States and other nations.

Business economics differs from standard economics in that it emphasizes practical applications in the world of commerce, but the courses are still drawn from Fordham’s economics department. Gabelli School students who want to focus on business economics can choose a primary concentration, a secondary concentration, or a minor.

These concentrations and minor might be especially attractive to students who envision themselves attending graduate school in business, because microeconomic theory (or managerial economics) and macroeconomic analysis are required courses in many graduate programs. Business economics coursework also is valued by potential employers, for students choosing work rather than further study after graduation.

For course descriptions, please refer to the economics department listings in the Fordham College at Rose Hill section of this bulletin.

How courses are counted

Students must note the following policy for how courses are counted. A student may count a maximum of one class in fulfilling more than one purpose—that is, toward any combination of major, minor, and primary or secondary concentration. For example, only one economics class could count toward both a finance major and an economics minor; any additional economics class would count toward the finance major OR the economics minor, but not both. Similarly, one management class could count toward both a primary concentration in management and a minor in sustainable business, but any subsequent management class would not count toward both. Any exceptions to these rules will be posted within the specific area major, minor, or concentration requirements.

For more information

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