Incomplete Coursework

When a course requirement, other than the final examination, has not been met, the instructor may report a temporary grade of INC (incomplete). This grade, however, should only be used for rare and compelling reasons, including illness, personal emergency, or some special contingency. An undergraduate student must submit an Undergraduate Petition for Grade of Incomplete (available from their class dean) prior to the final examination. The petition should include documentation regarding the cause. In case of illness, an official doctor’s note should be provided; in other situations, a written explanation by the student will be sufficient. The instructor must submit the completed Petition for Grade of Incomplete to the Office of Academic Records (with copy to the class dean of the student’s home school) before marking and sending in the INC grade. The grade of INC will not be allowed unless the petition is on file.

On completion of the course requirements, the INC will, with the approval of the class dean, be removed and replaced by a permanent grade. If the requirements are not completed by the date specified on the academic calendar, the INC will be changed automatically to an F. No request for an INC will be allowed after the first day of the regularly scheduled examination period.