Deferred Examinations

The professor is not obligated to provide makeup examinations for students who miss scheduled examinations or quizzes during the semester.

A student may be excused from taking the final examination at the normally scheduled time and be given a grade of ABS only for illness, personal emergency, or some special contingency. Written documentation of the reason for the absence must be provided within five university business days of the examination. In the case of illness, an official doctor’s note should be provided; in other situations, a written explanation by the student will be sufficient. This documentation will be given to the appropriate assistant dean or class dean along with the application for the deferred examination and will be used to determine whether approval of the application will be granted. If the application is rejected, then a grade of F will be recorded for the examination.

In case of conflicting examination times or an excessive number of examinations in one day, the student may consult with the instructor to see whether an examination may be rescheduled.