School District Leadership (Adv Cert)

15 credits

NYSED 29021/29022

This advanced certificate program is for those seeking to qualify for the New York State Education Department’s School District Leader (SDL) certification. The program may also be taken as an extension program for current students and recent graduates from our educational leadership programs.

School District Leader (SDL) Certification 

SDL certification is required by the New York State Education Department for anyone seeking district-level positions, such as superintendent, assistant deputy superintendent, district supervisor, etc., in a New York state public school district. Students within and outside New York state are responsible for knowing and understanding individual state SDL requirements as well as reciprocity policies.

Students must consult with their state education department as to whether or not these experiences, as well as their respective educational and professional backgrounds, are acceptable for their state certification. Candidates seeking SDL certification are responsible for determining New York State Education Department requirements for qualifying for NYS School District Leadership certification. These include (1) a total of 60 graduate credits that must include a master’s degree, (2) a NYSED-approved school district leader preparation program, (3) taking and passing the two-part SDL certification exam, (4) taking and passing the Educating All Students exam, and (5) completing the NYSED mandated Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) workshop.

Applicants must meet the general requirements for admission to graduate study in the Graduate School of Education, as well as the following program-specific admissions requirements:

  • possess an initial or professional state certificate in teaching or other appropriate and acceptable educational specialty
  • have earned a minimum undergraduate and graduate grade point average of approximately 3.0 (B or better)
  • submit two references (if currently working in a pre-K-12 building, one reference should be from your current school principal)
  • submit proof of immunization against measles, meningitis, mumps, and rubella
  • possess a satisfactory command of oral and written English
  • have three years of paid, full-time work experience as a classroom teacher, pupil personnel professional (e.g., school counselor), or administrator. Experience that is not full time may be credited on a prorated  basis. 

Applicants are responsible for ascertaining which NYSED certificate is required for the positions they are seeking.

Candidates seeking SDL certification must take the following five courses, in addition to, or beyond, a master’s degree:

Course Title Credits
ASGE 6224The Superintendency3
ASGE 6225Boards of Education3
ASGE 6227Cases and Simulations in Administration and Supervision3
ASGE 7444Leading a Learning Organization3
ASGE 7530Clinical Practice in Administration and Supervision (Internship District Level)3
Total Credits15

Current students and recent graduates (within the past 5 years) of the Division of Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy are eligible to take this program as an extension and need 9 out of the 15 credits of coursework which entails (1) ASGE 6224 The Superintendency, (2) ASGE 6225 Boards of Education or ASGE 7444 Leading a Learning Organization, and (3) ASGE 7530 Clinical Practice in Administration and Supervision. Contact the program coordinator, Tiedan Huang, at, for additional information.

Completion Requirements

To earn the advanced certificate in school district leadership, candidates must meet these requirements:

  • complete the prescribed program of study which includes a minimum of 240 hours of internship
  • maintain a minimum overall graduate grade point average of 3.0 (B or better)
  • Complete a one-semester, three-credit, district internship, which is embedded in ASGE 7530 Clinical Practice in Administration and Supervision

In addition, to qualify for endorsement by the University for the New York State School District Leader (SDL) certification, advanced certificate candidates must also pass the New York State SDL exam.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
ASGE 6227 Cases and Simulations in Administration and Supervision 3
ASGE 7444 Leading a Learning Organization 3
ASGE 6224 The Superintendency 3
ASGE 6225 Boards of Education 3
ASGE 7530 Clinical Practice in Administration and Supervision (may also be taken in fall term) 3
 Total Credits15