Literacy Education (Birth-Grade 6, M.S.E.)

30 credits

NYSED 25425/25423

The master’s degree for literacy specialists is designed for certified teachers who are preparing for professional responsibilities supporting pre-school to sixth-grade teachers in literacy.

Graduates of the program earn a Master of Science degree and are qualified and endorsed for New York state certification as a literacy specialist for birth through grade 6. In addition, they meet the requirement for professional certification in the area of their initial certification. Graduates enhance their understanding of reading-writing-learning connections and become increasingly proficient at helping students from diverse backgrounds become confident, successful, lifelong learners. Included as part of the program is a 50-hour practicum accomplished through one-to-one, small-group, and whole-class experiences.

In addition to the general admission and completion requirements for master’s-level study in the Graduate School of Education, applicants must provide evidence of their initial/provisional or permanent/professional certification as an early childhood, childhood, or prek–12 teacher, including completion of 9 credits in Literacy Education and 6 credits in Inclusion/Special Education.

Program of Study

Course Title Credits
CTGE 0710Portfolio for Literacy Education0
CTGE 6500Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literacy; Linguistic and Cognitive Development 13
CTGE 6501Sociocultural and Developmental Dimensions of Literacy 13
CTGE 6326Perspectives on Standardized Language and Literacy Assessment: Policy and Practice 13
CTGE 5840Second Language Acquisition 13
CTGE 6012Assessment and Development of Literacy Processes: Birth-Grade 6: Practicum I 13
CTGE 6002Beginning Literacy Development in Inclusive Classrooms 13
CTGE 6008Critical Literacy, Inquiry, and Literature for Children 13
CTGE 6004Instructional Practices for Writing Across the K-6 Curriculum 13
CTGE 6016Research and Practice for Struggling Readers and Writers: Grades 1-6, Practicum II 13
CTGE 6551Reflective Seminar in Literacy Education 13
Total Credits30

These courses include required fieldwork.