Literacy Education (Grades 5-12, M.S.E.)

30 credits

NYSED 25426/25424

The master’s degree for literacy specialists (Grades 5-12) is designed for certified teachers who are preparing for professional responsibilities supporting  teachers of grades 5 to 12. Graduates of the program earn a Master of Science degree and are qualified and endorsed for New York state certification as a literacy specialist for grades 5 through 12 and meet the degree requirement for professional certification in the area of their initial certification.

The program is designed for those preparing for professional responsibilities designing, implementing, and assessing reading and literacy programs for grades 5 through 12. Included as part of the program is a 50-hour practicum accomplished through one-to-one, small-group, and whole-class experiences.

In addition to the general admission and completion requirements for master’s level study at the Graduate School of Education, candidates must provide evidence of their initial/provisional or permanent/professional certification as a middle childhood or specialist teacher for grades 7 through 12, 6 credits in Literacy Education, and 6 credits in Inclusion/Special Education. 

Program of Study

Course Title Credits
CTGE 0710Portfolio for Literacy Education0
CTGE 6500Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literacy; Linguistic and Cognitive Development 13
CTGE 6501Sociocultural and Developmental Dimensions of Literacy 13
CTGE 6326Perspectives on Standardized Language and Literacy Assessment: Policy and Practice 13
CTGE 5840Second Language Acquisition 13
CTGE 6014Assessment and Development of Literacy Processes: Grades 5-12, Practicum I 13
CTGE 6532Developing Literacy in Intermediate Grades 13
CTGE 6010Critical Literacy, Inquiry, and Literature for Adolescents 13
CTGE 6006Instructional Practices for Writing Across the 5-12 Curriculum 13
CTGE 6018Research and Practice for Struggling Adolescent Readers and Writers: Grades 5-12, Practicum II 13
CTGE 6551Reflective Seminar in Literacy Education 13
Total Credits30

Note: These courses include required fieldwork.