International Diploma in Management of Humanitarian Action (Adv Cert)

While our courses can be taken stand-alone, they can also be taken in pursuit of an advanced certificate certified by New York State's Education Department. Upon successful completion of any of these programs, students will receive an Advanced Certificate from Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) that is equivalent to 8 graduate level academic credits. Courses are designed to accommodate the schedules and work patterns of humanitarian workers through one-, two-, and four-week intensive sessions held in exciting locations around the world, including Amman, Barcelona, Kathmandu, New York City, and Vienna. These credits are accepted towards our Master of Arts in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA) and may be transferred to other academic institutions.

Course Title Credits
HUAF 5070Leadership & Management in Ha2
HUAF 5080Accountability in Hum Act2
HUAF 5090Ethics of Humanitarian Assistance2
One elective course2
Total Credits8

Elective Courses

Course Title Credits
HUAF 5020Humanitarian Aspects of Migration2
HUAF 5040Communications and Media in Humanitarian Affairs2
HUAF 5055Human Rights and Human Crises2
HUAF 5060Disaster Management2
HUAF 5100Civil Military Cooperation2
HUAF 5150Mental Health in Complex Emergencies2
HUAF 5155Education in Emergencies2
HUAF 5160Urban Disaster, Vulnerability and Displacement: Humanitarian Action and Response2

More in-depth information about course offerings can be found on our page on the Fordham website.