Ethics and Society (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Ethics and Society program can be completed in one-year or more, supports part-time study, offers evening classes, and requires 10 courses — two in cross-disciplinary ethics and society (mandatory), two in moral philosophy, two in moral theology, two in social and natural sciences, and two electives for a total of 30 credits.

Course Title Credits
CEED 5050Ethics and Society: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives (Introductory Course)3
CEED 6100Theories and Applications in Contemporary Ethics (Capstone Course) 13
Two courses in Moral Philosophy6
Two courses in Moral Theology6
Two courses in Social and Natural Sciences6
Two ethics-related Elective courses 26
Total Credits30

More information on the Theories and Applications course can be found on our page on the Fordham website.


Students who wish to enroll in a course not approved for the program must first secure the permission of the director of the master’s program. More information about electives is below.

Moral Philosophy

Courses in this group have the CEMP attribute.

Course Title Credits
CEED 5250Special Topics and Case Studies in Contemporary Bioethics3
CEED 6322Natural Law: The Nature, Foundations and Content of Justice3
HSGL 0322Natural Law: Intent, Rights, and Justice2
PHIL 5001Introduction to Plato3
PHIL 5003Natural Law Ethics3
PHIL 5009Introduction to Aristotle3
PHIL 5010Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas3
PHIL 5012Introduction to St. Augustine3
PHIL 5114Normative Ethical Theory3
PHIL 5305Confronting Moral Controversy3
PHIL 7650Aristotelian Ethics3
PHIL 7760Dimensions of Political Justice3

Moral Theology

Courses in this group have the CEMT attribute.

Course Title Credits
THEO 5500Religion and American Public Life3
THEO 5630Systematic Liberation Theology3
THEO 5640Introduction to Theological Ethics3
THEO 6039Biblical Ethics3
THEO 6400Theological Anthropology and Human Diversity3
THEO 6510Socially Engaged Theology3
THEO 6530Modern Catholicism & Difference: Negotiating With Cultural & Religious Others (From 1534-Present)3
THEO 6676Sexual Ethics3
THEO 6721African American Theological Ethics3
THEO 6731Christian Ecological Ethics3
THEO 6732Ethics and Economics3
THEO 6733Theology and Science3
THEO 6735Ecological Ethics3
THEO 6740Catholic Social Thought and Praxis3
THEO 6745Sociology of Religion3
THEO 7736Bioethics3

Social and Natural Sciences

Courses in this group have the CENS attribute.

Course Title Credits
BISC 5510Conservation Biology3
BISC 5511Conservation Law and Policy3
CEED 6015HIV/Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics3
CEED 6290Health Disparities and Social Justice in Research and Practice3
ECON 5005Fair Trade Entrepreneurship3
ECON 5015Economic Development Policy3
ECON 5260Epidemics and Development Policy3
ECON 5280Urban Economics3
ECON 5415Gender & Economic Development3
ECON 5808Microfinance and Migration3
ECON 6460Agriculture and Development3
ECON 6490Foreign Aid and Development3
ENGL 6101Rereading Close Reading:Hist Perspectives,Contemporary Challenges/Shakespeare's Poetry,Spenser,Don3
HIST 5105The Black Radical Tradition in Comparative Perspective: U.S. and the Caribbean4
PMMA 5101Freedom of Expression3
PMMA 5103Environment and the Media3
PMMA 5106Race, Gender, and Digital Media3
PMMA 5204Civic Media3
PMMA 6203Marketing, Branding, & Fundraising in the Public Interest3
PMMA 6216Communicating Criminal Justice3
POSC 5243Campaign Finance and Ethics3,4
POSC 5301Modern Political Thought3-4
POSC 5560Conflict Resolution3
POSC 6640Pol of Global Econ Rel3
PSYC 6005Ethics in Psychology3
PSYC 6020Health Psychology3
PSYC 6066History and Systems3
PSYC 6290Health Disparities and Social Justice in Research and Practice3
PSYC 6310Culture, Ethnicity, and Race3
PSYC 6350Applied Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 7010Psychology and Criminal Law3
PSYC 7020Psychology and Civil Law3
SOCI 6100Classical Social Theory3


Courses in this group have the CETH attribute.

Course Title Credits
CEED 5600Special Topics in Ethics and Society3
CEED 5900Ethics and Society Field Practicum3
EHGL 0208Prof Resp: Corp Counsel3
EHGL 0209Professional Responsibility: Criminal Advocacy3
EHGL 0213Prof Resp: Civil Litigation3
EHGL 0299Professional Responsibility: Lawyers and Justice3
EHGL H203Professional Respon. Hybrid3
HEGL 0369Psychology and Criminal Law2,3
HIST 6256Torture and Western Culture4
HIST 6731U.S. Immigration and Ethnicity4
JUGL 0347Jewish Law: Sourc, Prin, Juris2-3
JUGL 0358Jurisprudence2-3
PHIL 5305Confronting Moral Controversy3
SWGS 6040Integrating Human Rights and Justice in Practice3
THEO 6710Issues in Fundamental Moral Theology3
THEO 6745Sociology of Religion3
URST 5066Urban Health and Environment3

Additional Electives

Any course listed as a requirement fulfilling course above, as well as the list under electives, can be taken as an elective. Other elective courses may be taken in Biological Sciences, Communication and Media Studies, Economics, Latino and Latin American Studies, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Theology.

Students may also complete CEED 5900 Ethics and Society Field Practicum as an elective.

Individualized tutorials (which count as a course) may also be arranged in areas of interest for which there may not be a specific course. Examples of individualized tutorials include "Business Ethics", "Religion, Gender and Sexuality" and "Moral Instincts and Moral Behaviors."

CIP Code

38.0103 - Ethics.

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