Economics (Ph.D.)

Candidates must complete 63 credits (21 courses) beyond the bachelor's degree, including at least 33 credits (11 courses) beyond the Economics M.A. taken at Fordham, or 45 credits (15 courses) beyond an M.B.A. or a non-Fordham M.A. in Economics or in a related field. Ph.D. candidates must maintain a 3.5 (B+) average in course work to remain in the program.

Candidates must certify in Macroeconomic Theory and Microeconomic Theory in addition to three of the four fields of concentration offered by the department. Certification in economic theory (Macro and Micro theory) is achieved through written comprehensive examination. Each examination may be repeated once. Certification in three fields is achieved by receiving a 3.5 (B+) or higher in the course work in that field and through a pre-dissertation paper (ECON 0940/ECON 0945) which must be completed prior to the student's dissertation proposal. The pre-dissertation paper must be accepted prior to beginning proposal development. The pre-dissertation paper can be resubmitted once. Students must certify in economic theory and complete field coursework prior to registering for ECON 0940.

Course Title Credits
ECON 6010
ECON 7010
Microeconomic Theory I
and Microeconomic Theory II
ECON 6020
ECON 7020
Macroeconomic Theory I
and Macroeconomic Theory II
ECON 7910
ECON 7920
Econometrics I
and Econometrics II
ECON 5700
ECON 6700
Mathematical Methods in Economics I
and Mathematical Methods in Economics II
ECON 8600Research and Writing in Economics3
One of the following courses:3
Applied Econometrics
Financial Econometrics
Applied Microeconometrics
Topics in Econometric Theory
Two courses each in three of the following concentrations: 118
Five graduate-level electives in Economics 215
Dissertation and Examination courses5
Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination: Economics (comprises two core exams)
Pre-Dissertation Paper Development
Pre-Dissertation Paper Acceptance
Proposal Development
Proposal Acceptance
Dissertation Direction
Total Credits68

Students entering the Ph.D. with an earned M.A./M.S./M.B.A. degree (either from Fordham or elsewhere) complete two courses in each of two concentrations, as opposed to two courses in each of three concentrations.


A list of area courses can be found on the M.A. in Economics page. A list of all graduate-level economics courses can be found on our department page. Students entering the Ph.D. program with an earned M.A./M.S./M.B.A. degree (either from Fordham or elsewhere) complete one elective course as opposed to five.

CIP Code

45.0603 - Econometrics and Quantitative Economics.

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Development concentration

Course Title Credits
ECON 6440Development Economics (required if this concentration is chosen)3
ECON 5600Health and Development3
ECON 6460Agriculture and Development3
ECON 6470Growth and Development3
ECON 6480Environmental and Resource Economics3

Financial concentration

Course Title Credits
ECON 6240Financial Economics3
ECON 6340Financial Theory3

International concentration

Course Title Credits
ECON 6510International Trade3
ECON 6560International Finance3

Monetary concentration

Course Title Credits
ECON 6310Monetary Policy3
ECON 6320Monetary Theory3