Data Science for Cybersecurity (Adv Cert)

Well-trained cybersecurity professionals are needed to secure our information systems and national infrastructure. However, in order to respond to increasingly sophisticated and varied attacks, these professionals should not only be familiar with traditional cybersecurity methods but should also be adept at accessing, manipulating, and analyzing the enormous amounts of data generated by modern computing systems. The Advanced Certificate in Data Science for Cybersecurity helps to meet this need by ensuring that those entering into the field, as well as cybersecurity professionals, establish a solid background in data science and have experience in applying data science methods to cybersecurity problems.

Two courses taken toward the certificate may double count with any of the existing master's and doctoral degree programs in computer and information science (M.S. in Cybersecurity, M.S. in Data Science, M.S. in Computer Science, and Ph.D. in Computer Science).

Admissions requirements for the program include:

  • Completed and signed application
  • Application fee
  • Written statement of intent
  • Official undergraduate transcript (and graduate transcript, if applicable)
  • Two reference letters
  • Resume

The curriculum consists of five courses (two required core and three electives) spanning two to four semesters, resulting in a 15-credit Advanced Certificate in Data Science for Cybersecurity.



Students are expected to enter the advanced certificate program with a basic knowledge of cybersecurity equivalent to CISC 5650 Cybersecurity Essentials. Alternatively, students must complete CISC 5650 prior to completing the advanced certificate or before taking any courses that require this course as a prerequisite.

Computer Programming

All students are expected to have some knowledge of computer programming, as assessed by a Python examination. Those with insufficient background must take CISC 5380 Programming with Python.


Course Title Credits
Required Courses
CISC 5660Data Science for Cybersecurity 3
CISC 6640Privacy and Security in Big Data3
One Cybersecurity-Focused course 13
One Data Science-Focused course 13
One Cybersecurity or Data Science-Focused course3
Total Credits15

See below lists of courses fulfilling each requirement.

Cybersecurity-Focused courses

Courses in this group have the DCCF attribute.

Course Title Credits
CISC 5710Introduction to Behavioral and Physical Biometrics3
CISC 6600Cloud Computing Security3
CISC 6660Applied Cryptography3
CISC 6670Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity 3
CISC 6800Malware Analytics and Software Security3
CISC 6880Blockchain Technology3

Data Science-Focused courses

Courses in this group have the DCDF attribute.

Course Title Credits
CISC 5450Mathematics for Data Science3
CISC 5500Data Analytics Tools and Scripting3
CISC 5900Information Fusion3
CISC 5950Big Data Computing3
CISC 6525Artificial Intelligence3
CISC 6745Data Visualization3