Pre-Degree Programs

People come to business school from all kinds of different academic backgrounds.

Fordham is dedicated to opening the door to business to all students—whether they studied liberal arts as undergraduates, completed their prior education in another country, or are simply not completely sure yet whether advanced business study is for them.

If any of these might apply to you, explore our preparatory programs:

  • Pre-M.B.A. Program: Ideal for students who are considering an M.B.A. but are not ready to commit. Pre-M.B.A. students take three courses that will count toward their Fordham M.B.A. if they do eventually decide to go for the full degree. 
  • International Business Bridge : Perfect for recent non-U.S. college graduates who wish to improve their English language skills, business knowledge, and study skills before entering a U.S. business degree program.

To learn more about pre-degree programs, please visit the Fordham website.