Continuing Education (Grad Religion) (CEGR)

CEGR 1010. Living with Jews & Muslims in a Post-Holocaust, Post-9/11 World. (0 Credits)

There are tensions in any interreligious situation to try to ignore various elephants in the room. For Catholic and other Christians living with Jews,old stereotypes and old prejudices on both sides die slowly, although many Catholics are aware that the Church's official attitude towards Jews changed at Vatican II. Fewer Catholics are aware taht the Church's attitude toward Muslims also changed at Vatican II, and those changed may be difficult for some to understand in the wake of the past decade or more of Muslim-Christian tensions throughout the world. With the readings suggested in the attached folder, some advances may be made towards improving Catholic and other Christian understanding of these two dialogues essential towards a peaceful future.

CEGR 1014. Gender Issues in the American Church. (0 Credits)

The workshop will introduce research bearing on some important matters that arise for lay ministers in Catholic pastoral contexts concerning sex, gender, and sexual orientation. We will explore the significance of this research for contemporary lay ministry. Students will be required to read and have the opportunity to comment on materials available through Fordham's Blackboard site in advance of our session. Check with your local diocese, church, or affiliate organization to see how your participation can lead to the earning of CEUs!


This workshop will deepen your understanding of the essential doctrines of the church found in the Nicene Creed. The doctrines will explain in terms of their relationship to the spirituality and practice of the early church. There will be some discussion of different theological ways of understanding the Nicene Creed. Finally, the workshop will respond to some of the popular misconceptions of the Nicene Creed, particularly those that appear in media sources such as the History Channel, Discovery Channel, websites , and books.

CEGR 1020. BRIDGEPORT SESSION 1. (0 Credits)

CEGR 1021. BRIDGEPORT SESSION 2. (0 Credits)

CEGR 1022. BRIDGEPORT SESSION 3. (0 Credits)